Detach yourself


Take a step back.

Consider what it would be like to be to be an Elite athlete.

For the purpose of this discussion the best way to categorise this group of specific individuals is someone who engages in competitive sports, and is recognised at a high level in competition. These Athletes train day in day out.


That’s a fair question. They love it, it is that simple.

You yes you, do something every day to reap rewards, you work hard to provide future opportunities. Consistency and routine is provided through your job.

Consistency and routine is also what these elite athletes have. It’s all about putting the hours upon monotonous hours and the hard yards in, and then, when you think you have nothing left to give, you give a bit more.

Too often we negatively associate social media, with elite athletes placing them in the news for all the wrong reasons. You judge them. We judge them in the most unforgiving manner.

Elite athletes face the vigorous pressure of media attention which can cause enormous stress. It’s continuous day in and day out just like their training. They are often required through their contracts to provide constant updates of their daily routine through social media. This invites people to criticise their every move. Too tall, too short, too fat, too skinny. Constantly.

Don’t you think they would say, no screaming *enough* No they push on, it’s what they are trained to do. Behind the computer screen you may feel safe you may feel protected. But these athletes are raw and exposed to the incoming messages.

A way to support these athletes is to, get behind them on their social media accounts. Affirming their efforts for their country and their purpose in the world of sport.

You have a job, they have a job it’s just that their job is physically demanding to the extreme. Most of us couldn’t possibly imagine breaking a world record or running onto the field each week to the sound of a booing crowd. To these athletes a dream becomes their goal and their goal becomes a reality.

You have the power through the push of a like, comment on a photo a share or even a private message (but not in a weird stalker way of course)  to support their purpose.

This is using social media professionally!



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